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Exit Questionnaires

Learn From Real Customers

Want to know why customers leave? Ask them. ExitAsk lets you create exit questionnaires that you can embed in your app.


Cancellation Saves

Retain Customers Before They Leave

When a customer wants to cancel, ExitAsk can take over and offer them a discount, or highlight the features they'll miss when they leave.


Monitor Churn

Track Responses Over Time

ExitAsk lets you track churn reasons over time, so you can see if your churn is improving, or getting worse - with suggestions to help you improve.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Give me the quick pitch.
ExitAsk helps you combat churn by learning from your customers at the point they wish to cancel.

It lets you create exit questionnaires that you can embed in your app, and it can take over when a customer wants to cancel, offering them a discount, or highlighting the features they'll miss when they leave.

How does it work?
It works by embedding a small snippet of code in your app where your normal cancellation button would go.

If the user doesn't have javascript enabled, it will just show your normal cancellation button. But if they do have it enabled, they'll see the ExitAsk flow before cancelling.

What are the benefits?
Customers leaving is a fact of life for any business, but it's important to understand why your customers are leaving, so you can improve your product and reduce churn.

Understanding this will help you improve your product, and our churn reduction flow should help keep customers who are on the brink of leaving.

How does it differ from other tools?
If you're an indie developer or small team, you don't have time to spend hours setting up a complex tool, and you don't want to spend hours analysing the results.

ExitAsk is designed to be simple to use, and to give you actionable results quickly.

What happens when I reach my plan limits?
Once you reach the limits of your plan, you'll be given the option to upgrade, or you can just stop collecting responses / stop directing through the ExitAsk flow for the rest of the billing period.

You'll never be charged more than your plan limit without you explicitly upgrading.

Can you guarantee that this will reduce my churn?

ExitAsk is a tool to help you understand your users' reasons for leaving, and gives you tools to help mitigate it, but it's up to you to use the data it provides to improve your product.


Slash Your Churn.

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